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Exterior Services

Step 1

Step 1 of all automobile details start with a decontamination wash, during this procedure we evaluate each vehicle and determine the best method to ensure we are able to deep cleanse the paint to rid the vehicle of all phosphorus metals along with all environmental fall out and environmental contamination. 

Chemical Decontaminations

Mechanical Decontaminations 

Mineral Deposit Removal


Step 2

Step 2 of every detail includes at least one level of machine polishing. Our machine polishing service will significantly improve the overall gloss of the automobile, even on a brand new vehicle. Machine polishing is commonly called Paint Correction. We average between 8-20 hours of machine polishing on each vehicle we service. It is a labor intensive job but it is what gives the wow to our customers. We offer Wet/Color Sanding, Compounding, Polishing & Paint Chip touch up!   

Wet/Color Sanding




Step 3 

Step 3 of each automobile detail includes trim dressing or ceramic coating, rim cleaning inside and out with the ability to remove the wheels for a deeper detail and the option to apply a ceramic coating to the wheels, suspension components, brake calipers and fender liners. During these extensive details we have the ability to remove water spots from glass and also install Ceramic Coatings to glass to improve night time glare and visibility during rain storms. ( Please note the photo you see here of interior glass polishing was to remove 48 year old water etching from a leaky window seal.) 





Wheels Off Ceramic Coating


Step 4

Step 4 of each exterior automobile detail includes some form of protection. We install everything from automobile wax (sealants) to Ceramic Coatings & Clear Bras. Waxes and Sealants are a great way to temporarily protect your investment, the typical lifespan of a sealant is 4-8 months depending on care techniques and environmental exposure. Ceramic Coatings typically protect your vehicle from 2-5 years and will prevent Bird Dropping damage, chemical exposure damage, bug gut etching and improve the surface hardness by 2-3 times over your factory clear coat hardness. Clear Bra is currently the leader in automobile care in regards to offering UV protection, Environmental Damage Prevention and Physical Impact damage. No matter what your needs are we have you covered for New Car or Used Protection


Ceramic Coatings

Clear Bra

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