Lets Talk Ceramics

Is this Ceramic Coated?

The vehicle is not actually Ceramic Coated, yet! The water beads are actually the result of a new vehicle properly prepped for a series of services that lead up to installing a Ceramic Coating.

Is a Ceramic Coating worth the investment?

Simply put Yes, but it has disadvantages. Do you neglect your vehicle? If so a Ceramic Coating could be a huge waste of your money. It doesn't take much for you to see the benefits of a Ceramic Coating. Wash the vehicle every 10 days or less if daily driven. Do not neglect washing the vehicle just because it is going to rain. Vehicle Care is routine despite the weather. With that said a Ceramic Coating is best suited for an individual deciding to protect their small, medium, or large investment from the harsh elements of the environment.

What to look for when shopping for a Ceramic Coating?Simply put PREP PREP PREP!!! It is all about the prep! Interested in a Ceramic Coating? To discuss the PREP Give us a shout!

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