50 Hour Detailing Service 

 Level 4 Exterior, Wheels Off Ceramic Coating with Suspension Industrial Ceramic Coating and a SB3 Alpha 5 year Exterior Ceramic Coating

Level 4 Paint Correction, 5 year SB3 Ceramic Coating, Full Front End Xpel Clear Bra

Mr. Allen's C7Z and Ford Raptor. Each Receiving Full Front End Xpel Clear Bras and wheels off 5 Year Ceramic Coatings. With the Vette Getting a Rocker Panel Xpel Installation

Front Bumper Xpel Clear Bra with Headlights

Full Front End and Rocker Panel Xpel Paint Protection Film Installation

Level 3 Exterior, 5 Year Ceramic Coating, Partial Front End Xpel Clear Bra

Level 4 Exterior Service, 4 year Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coating, Full Front End Xpel PPF, Xpel Rocker Panel PPF

Front Bumper and Headlights Xpel PPF,  Rocker Panel Xpel PPF, Rear Tire Splash Xpel PPF.

Level 3 Exterior 5 Year Ceramic Coating

Level 4 Exterior Full Front End Xpel Clear Bra, Interior Xpel Clear Bra, Wheels off Coating, Brake Caliper Color Change, 5 year Ceramic Coating

Tesla Model 3 Xpel Clear Bra Installation Process

Harley Davidson of Greenville Appearance Package (Level 4 Exterior Paint Correction)

Viper: Level 4 Paint Correction 5 year Ceramic Coating

Zl1: Level 4 Paint Correction, Front Bumper Xpel Clear Bra, 5 Year Ceramic Coating

C2 Corvette, Level 4 Exterior Paint Correction, Full Undercarriage and Engine Detail

Xpel Daily Driver Package

American Force Aluminum Rim Polishing

ProTek Display At Vette Citys Show on Lake Keowee

Left: ProTek's C6Z 

Center: Mr. Lonnies Stingray with a Level 4 Paint Correction, Full Front End Xpel PPF and Xpel Rocker PPF Installation with a wheels off 5 Year SB3 Ceramic Coating

Right: C7Z with the Exact same protection package as Lonnies.

Level 4 Paint Correction, Wheels off SB3 5 Year Ceramic Coating, Full Front End Xpel Clear Bra with a Rocker Panel Xpel Installation, Vinyl Wrap Color Change Roof Wrap

All Services performed with deionized water, This C7ZR1 received a Level 4 Paint Correction, Full Front End Xpel Clear bra, wheels off ceramic coating, and a 5 year exterior Ceramic Coating

Level 4 Paint Correction and a 4 Year Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coating

 Harley Davidson F150 On Site Maintenance Detail

Level 4 Exterior, Lifetime Ceramic Coating Installation, Full Front End Xpel Clear Bra

718 Level 4 Exterior Paint Correction, Lifetime Ceramic Coating, 911 Level 4 Interior Service

Level 3 Exterior Service with a 4 Year Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coating 

Daily Driver Xpel Paint Protection Film Installation (partial kit)

Level 4 Exterior Paint Correction, Interior Level 2 Service, Exterior 5 Year Ceramic Coating

Harley Davidson Tri Glide Full Body Xpel Clear Bra and a 5 year Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coated

Level 3 Exterior 5 Year SB3 Alpha Ceramic Coating

Interior Level 3 Service

C1 Corvette Top Flight Award, Undercarriage Detail

Iheart Media Maintenance Details

A few Vettes On Site

Entercom Radio Maintenance Details

Maintenance Detail, Full Aluminum Polish, Undercarriage Detailing

Level 4 Exterior Paint Correction Installation Of SB3 Alpha 5 Year Ceramic Coating, Removal and replacement of factory installed clear bra with Xpel Clear Bra

42ft Toy Hauler Level 3 Exterior Service and 5 Year SB3 Alpha Ceramic Coating

Xpel Clear Bra Installation Including: Full Front End, A-pillars, Rocker Panels, Interior Delicate Surfaces, Headlights/Fogs, Rear Splash Guards, Door Sills. (wrapped edges where possible, multiple custom installs to eliminate precut lines)

Front End Suntek Clear Bra Removal, Level 5 Exterior Service (Full Wet Sand, Compound, Polish) Reinstallation of Xpel Paint Protection Film to the Front end, Installation of a 5 year Ceramic Coating, Level 4 Interior Service.

(120 hour service)

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