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Exterior Auto Detail

An Exterior Auto Detail Job Isn't Just a Wash and Wax

While a basic wash and wax is great for an exterior auto detail, this is just the beginning. Typical car shampoo and waxes remove plenty of dirt, but not all of it. Road grime, minerals, and other materials can bond with or etch into the car's surface, making it so that the usual cleaning can't get rid of all substances. The car detailing technician will first address these unwanted materials.


Special chemicals are used to lift mineralization, remove environmental pollution aka fallout, eliminate phosphoric contamination aka iron particles and more. Mechanical removal will also be used to lift stubborn surface lying contaminants.


Next, machine polishing is done to improve the glossiness of the finish. Even new cars can be made glossier than they originally were. Depending on the condition of the car and what needs to be done to bring it up to its best, this can include treatments as mild as compounding or polishing all the way up to wet/color sanding.


After this comes trim dressing, ceramic coating, detailed wheel cleaning, and options to apply ceramic coating to parts like the brake calipers and suspension components. Here is where the "detail" in detailing really starts to come into play.


Finally, protectants are applied to keep the finish looking great as long as possible. These range from paint sealants and ceramic coatings to Paint protection films. Our sealents can last from four to six months, while a Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection film will last for years with the proper care.


As you can see, an exterior auto detail is far more involved than a typical wash and wax. Every little part is gone over to clean and enhance it. If you're looking to restore the showroom shine, nothing less than a proper car detailing will do.

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