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Clear Bra Installation

Keep Your Car Looking Great and Protect Your Paint with Clear Bra Installation

The concept of a clear bra is great. A piece of paint protection film is fitted to your car to protect the specified area, so you don't incure rock chips, bugs gut etching and road grime rammed into the paint as you drive. The old school leather bras are ugly! They often came in black, which means they stood out in an awful way. They're also clearly not supposed to be there. This makes the typical black leather clear bra the focal point, greatly detracting from the overall impressiveness of the automobile.


The solution to this is to get a clear bra installation instead of settling for the old-fashioned versions. A Xpel Paint Protection Film Clear Bra protects your car's paint from damage caused by physical and environmental damage. Since it's clear, it does not distract the eye from the beauty of the rest of your car. Instead, it makes it so that you get the true benefit of protecting the paint: a great-looking vehicle that everyone can see.


A Xpel Paint Protection Film Clear Bra isn't limited to just the part of the car typically covered by a car bra. While you can get this style as part of the "daily driver" package or the "protector package" at ProTek Specialty Detailing, there are many other options available as well. You can get the entire front end covered, we can protect the rocker panels, doors, roof, quarter panels, rear bumper and more. 


If you're ready to truly protect you paint. Contact us for Clear Bra Pricing! 

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