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Ceramic Coating

What is the Benefit of Ceramic Coatings?

A Ceramic coating is a newer type of protective sealant used on automobiles and motorcycles. It serves much as the same purpose as wax, but is much more durable and last far longer – for many years. This is possible because it actually bonds to car paint instead of just sitting on top of it like waxes do. Ceramics actually use resin or quartz bases, and these allow them to spread at a thickness of 1.5-2 microns across the surfaces they are applied to. Their particles are also small enough to fit into the microscopic pores in your car's clear coat filling these pores with a glass like slickness with high chemical resistance and marring resistance. 


Another benefit of ceramic coating is that it repels dirt, bug guts, bird droppings and environmental contamination. This can be a big work-saver. Importantly, to properly apply a ceramic coating to any surface a adequate amount of prep is required to ensure a proper bonding of the ceramic coating. Rest assured we currently have nearly a decade of installing ceramic coatings. 

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